SoCal Code Camp - Los Angles @ UCLA
Dec 02, 2017 to Dec 03, 2017
SoCal has announced the dates for the next code camp, December 2nd and 3rd. This code camp is being held on the campus of UCLA in Los Angles. For more information, their website is If you are not familiar with code camps, they are put on by fellow programmers and other related people and it's FREE! Very fun. Very informative. Check it out!

Our Mission

  • To form a dynamic community of .NET Developers in the Las Vegas area.
  • To advance the understanding of the Microsoft's .NET platform with business and technology leaders in the region.

Why .NET and not some other technology?

  • We believe that .NET is the best choice of tools for building Desktop, Smart Device, Web enabled applications.

Which .NET subjects are focused on?

  • Visual Basic .Net
  • C # .Net
  • SQL (as programmed from the Visual Studio's IDE)
  • 3rd Party tools as they apply
  • Discussion on language conversions are always welcome

Why a Community?

  • To benefit from the synergy generated by like-minded individuals working together on something they want and believe in.

What's the Plan?

  • Monthly Presentations
  • Collaborative Projects
  • Web site as Virtual Community

How can I get Involved?

  • Attend the general meetings
  • Get to know the other members of the group
  • Ask questions and exchange ideas
  • Visit the web site, get involved in making it a vibrant virtual community
  • Suggest and/or participate in a collaborative project

This Mission Statement is a work in progress. If you have any comments and/or suggestions on how we can improve on it then we'd like to hear them.

For additional information,
please contact Richard at Group Leader

Next Meeting

Our next regular group meeting will be on Thursday, September 28th.

The meeting will begin at 6:00 PM.

This month, Troy Miles is going to be a talk about using Amazon's AWS Lambda "serverless computing" offerings with C# and Nancy.

AWS Lambda with C# and Nancy
AWS Lambda is Amazon's "serverless computing" offering. The beauty of Lambda isn't that it is serverless since it isn't, it is that it requires minimal configuration and supports many programming languages including C#.

Nancy per its documentation is a lightweight, low-ceremony, framework for building HTTP based services on .NET and Mono. If you are familiar with Node, think of Nancy as Node for C#. The project is open source and began hosting on GitHub in January 2011.

Unlike ASP.NET MVC or even Web API, Nancy doesn't have much overhead. It allows you to handle the major HTTP verbs directly and create a response using an elegant Domain Specific Language. Nancy lightweight design is also performant, so it meshes well with Lambda.

In this talk, we will build our lambda service using C# and Nancy. We will discuss all of the major points along the way. We will learn to handle HTTP Get, Post, Push, and Delete. How to read and set the headers. We will grab data from a database. And then quickly change our response data to JSON, XML, or something custom.

AWS Web Services is currently the market leader. It has more cloud market share than Microsoft, Google, and IBM combined. Don't get left behind. This session will show you how to use the C# you know and love in the cloud.

Troy Miles, aka the Rockncoder, began writing computer games in assembly language for early computers like the Apple II, Commodore C64, and the IBM PC over 35 years ago. Nowadays he writes web & mobile apps for a Southern California based automotive valuation and information company. Troy is fluent in JavaScript, C#, C++, Kotlin, and Clojure.

Nights and weekends he can usually be found writing cool apps for mobile and web or teaching others how to do so. Troy has spoken at O'Reilly's Velocity, MobileWeb Dev Con, Mobile Dev+Test, NG-Vegas, and Angular Summit. He is a regular speaker at So Cal and Silicon Valley Code Camps and to local developer groups all over southern California and Las Vegas. A few of his talks can be found on his YouTube channel:

Troy loves writing about software development. His first magazine article was published in Dr. Dobb's magazine over twenty years agos. He is the author of jQuery Essentials. Troy is also a video author, his most recent video will becoming out on fall 2017.

The dotNet will meeting this month at the inNEVation Center, located at 6795 Edmond Street, Las Vegas, NV 89118, 3rd floor.

The inNEVation Center is located in the southwest part of town, just south of the 215 (South) and just west of Decatur. Exit southbound onto Decatur from the 215, turn right on Badura Avenue and then another right on Edmond Street. The inNEVation Center is located in the west building. It's the building with the "Switch" logo.

InNEVation - Google Map

2017 Meeting Schedule

January 26th, Thursday
Matthew Renze
Clean Code: A Reader-Centered Approach

February 23th, Thursday
Gerardo Melendrez
Creating Bandito Bob: A 2D Cross-Platform Game Using Unity 3D and C#

March 30th, Thursday
Jeremy Clark
I'll Get Back to You: Task, Await, and Asynchronous Methods

April 27th, Thursday
Joy Mayo
Chatbots on the Azure Bot Service

May 25th, Thursday
Rafael dos Santos core + Integration Tests + VSTS + Azure

June 29th, Thursday
Gerardo Melendrez
Azure and maybe IoT devices

July 27th, Thursday

August 31th, Thursday
Rob Richardson
Welcome to Docker

September 28th, Thursday
Troy Miles
AWS Lambda with C# and Nancy

October 26th, Thursday
Hattan Shobokshi
Continuous Integration for .NET Developers

Because of the holidays, the group does not meet in November or December.

The dotNet especially wishes to thank the inNEVation Center
for their support and for allowing us to meet at their location.

The inNEVation Center Logo
The dotNET Group wishes to thank Veeam for graciously sponsoring the sodas/pizzas for the group's meetings for the year.

We also wish to thank Nevron for sponsoring the group's Meet-up account.
We wish to also thank the following companies for their support.
  DevExpress valid email Mindscape  
  Apress O'Reilly Store Wrox